Lights OutEdit


The news station was up & running. They were about to go to air, when everything went pitch black. Jessica Mirenna, the newsreader, shouted to Elvis Jorgens, the director, and asked him what was happening. Nobody knew. All the electricity had gone out. All the torches had been hidden, and nobody's battery-operated lights worked. This wasn't accidental. Something's going to happen. After 5 minutes, the lights came back on. And Jessica was face-down on the desk, papers in her hands, with blood trickling from the back of her head...

Deaths: Jessica Mirenna, 40, struck round the back of the head with a wrench. Elvis Jorgens, 48, shot in the heart by police after he attacked a police officer, demanding to know what happened, Samuel McKensin, 59, cut his own throat after being surrounded by police.

Samuel McKensin, the janitor, placed a valve in the electrical system, threw the torches into a bonfire and let off a minor EMP destroying all battery-powered systems. He then snuck into the main filming area with a wrench and struck Jessica on the back of the head, killing her nearly immediatly. The police cut off the area, and the director, Elvis Jorgens, demanded to know what was going on. He started becoming hostile and was put in police custody under suspicion of murder. They let him go free, but he strangled an officer, screaming at him,demanding to be told what was going on. Another police officer, panicking, shot at Elvis, and the bullet struck him in the middle of the heart, killing him. They later confirmed that Elvis was not the killer. They asked witnesses for more info, and they were told that after the lights went out, a bang echoed round the studio, like somebody jumping down onto the floor. The team realized that the electrical system was accesible from somewhere else other than the Main Control Hub accross the road. The raised corridors on the ceiling had access panels to the system, and, with the system down, the killer would need to jump down onto the floor instead of the lift system. The team surrounded the janitor, Samuel McKensin, who confessed, and stated that she should have loved him. He brings out a gun and fires at the team, but their bulletproof vests protect them. They shoot at him, hitting the railing twice and his foot once. He stumbles forward, and puts his hand on the railing for support, but it breaks, and he falls to the floor. Hurt, he aims a gun at the team. Then he pulls out a scalpel knife and cuts his own throat.

by Kayne/Dexter